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Donnalucata is situated on the coast, 8 km from Scicli. It is a very old village, whose name could derive from the Arabic "Ainlu Kat", that is spring of the hours. According to an Arabian observer, it could make reference to a ...CONTINUE

Sampieri is probably the most typical cost village, due to its little stone-houses, narrow alleys close to the sea and its special aspect of a fishermen's place, now it is almost in extinction along the coast. Although its ...CONTINUE


Scicli is an elegant small town situated in a wide hollow among rocky hills, where three valleys meet: that of S. Bartolomeo, of S. Maria La Nova and the la Fiumara of Modica... CONTINUE

Modica (20 km from Ragusa; 50.000 inhabitants; cap 97010-97015; prefix. 0932) is the most suggestive city of the province and Sicily. It is placed in the southern area of the (mountains) Iblei and divided into two areas...CONTINUE

The city's tour could start with the visit to the Church of S. George, an important example of baroque style in Sicily. Finished in 1775 and based on the project of Rosario Gagliardi...CONTINUE

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