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Donnalucata rises on the coast, 8 kilometers from Scicli.
Village of ancient origins, its name could derive from the Arabic “Ainlu Kat”, ie source of the hours, which would refer to a source that, according to a … CONTINUE


Scicli is an elegant town situated in a wide valley between rocky hills, at the confluence of three valleys: that of S. Bartolomeo, that of S. Maria La Nova and the river of Modica … CONTINUA


Sampieri is perhaps the most characteristic of the towns on the coast, with its stone houses and narrow streets, almost close to the sea, and with its typical appearance of a fishing village, now almost extinct along the coast of Sicily … CONTINUA


Modica is among the most picturesque cities of the province and of all Sicily. It is located in the southern area of the Iblei Mountains and is divided into two original areas: Modica Alta, whose buildings almost climb the rocks of the … CONTINUA


A visit to the city of Ragusa can begin with a visit to the Basilica of San Giorgio, an imposing example of Sicilian baroque.
Completed in 1775 based on a design by Rosario Gagliardi, it presents … CONTINUA


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